Coming together

Today was a extremely bust day.  But I am thankful!  Two days of painting and now white walls.....Ahhhhh so pretty!  Backdrops painted for some glamour shoots coming soon.  The other side getting done tomorrow. Plans to refinish my lamps to a mirror less finish!  Gonna look Fab!! Also plans to re-do my bench to a white jewel tufted bench.  will have to post pics on all when the reveal happens.  Photo shoot coming on Friday!  Thank will be a busy day too.  Alot on the go, but feeling great!  Getting stuff done!!! 

getting ready

Hello everyone, this is my first attempt at blogging lol, so bear with me.  I thought I would give it a go.  Where am I right now as a photographer?  Currently I am working on inventing a proper studio space.  A place where people can come and feel like there in a studio space and well so that I and my family can feel as though we have a living space.  

So how does one do that?  hmmm.   Well through a ton on research and some planning, I think I have come up with some solutions to get me started on a small budget..  Fresh White Walls for that clean contemporary look.  And some polystyrene painted wall boards for backdrop changes.  These 4ftx8ft boards, I have plans to hang on the wall like art when not in use and take off when they are.  Gonna take some creative planing with 6 of them but I am gonna make a go at it.  

I am feeling encouraged for  2016 to make a studio space that both me and my family will love.  So stand by and I will be posting some pictures in the near future.