Kendra is a friendly, warm and down to earth person who loves Arts & Crafts and learning new things to spark her creativity.  She love her furr family, everyone meet Andrea & Spirit!!  Kendra explained to me that she wanted that she wanted some pictures of her family as Andrea is getting a older and her mobility is decreasing.  She wanted to remember her journey through life this way.  What a great gift to her and her family.

Andrea is a kind soul, Black Labrador who is also retired Guide dog. She kept up the pace through the walk on the trail and was so well trained and picture perfect.  

Spirit is an Italian Greyhound and rescue dog.  She is shy around the camera but when the camera is down she is a Princess.  Cute as a button and such a lovely little dog.

Both had snuggles, cuddles and kisses all the way around.  It was even hard for me to say good bye.

Kendra thank you so much for allowing me to take your family pictures.