Merry Christmas from The Hunderts&Charles Famly

I have know this bunch for over 6 years now.  My daughter and this beautiful moms daughter went to school together and were joined at the hip instantly.  Mom and I connected right off the hop and have been friends ever since. 

What can I say about this beautiful blended family.

Well, Trisha is a very talented entrepreneur and wonderful mom, who always is on the go.  She is always busy but never busy enough for her family.  She is such a giving person and loves unconditionally.  She is the bomb!!

Michael " also know as David during my photoshoot"  lol  (sorry about that David, I mean Michael lol ) is a personal trainer and a very handy and helpful man.  He is dedicated, hardworking and will lay it all down for his family.   Lets not forget he absolutely adores Trisha. :)

Their Children are quite the bunch, they brought smiles and fun along to this photoshoot.  They has me laughing and are such models.  I can hear GAP Canada literally calling. 

Hayden the youngest loves to skateboard and anything ninja. He also likes to rock climb and is an Adrenline junkie. 

Indiana, loves her dolls and crafts and loves to make slime. She is creative and kind just like mom.  She is a true sweetie pie.  

Aiden the oldest, loves basketball and is filled with patience and kindness.  What a beautiful soul.  

Hundert&Charles family, it was a pleasure connecting with you and taking your pictures as usual.  I know you are all gonna have an amazing Christmas!