Merry Christmas from the Gowers!!

Dad & Mom arrived in studio and I totally fell in love with their PJ's.  After all, what Canadian does not like Moose!  I am a huge fan of this attire. (my heart was happy)

Sweet Lily was so precious blue-eyed beauty played a little shy at first, but opened up with some Christmas tunes, Moana, and a story read by Dad and Mom.  

This is what Dad and Mom shared about Lily.  "Lily absolutely loves books and stories. She will bring you a book and sit in your lap. She'll even make you read it over and over again. She also loves puzzles and will sit for long periods of time and work at them. Hopefully she'll be a book warm and smart lol."

I have no doubts about this at all.  Lily appeared to be very much an observer and a reader.  So to me that is a win, win.  

Lily I know that you are gonna have an amazing Christmas, and I believe you are gonna receive my stories for Christmas!

Merry Christmas.