Welcome Home Baby Danica!

Welcoming to the blog is Baby Danica!  

Proud parents, Glaister and Sherri are happy to finally have their precious & beautiful baby girl home after a long 9 day stay at McMaster Hospital.  

Danica was born 4 weeks early with "blood type incompatibility jaundice and breathing issues".  This made their visit with in NICU draining but when I asked mom how Danica was doing she said "She’s a little fighter and they were are gonna get through this"  Sherri noted that "having a baby in the NICU is emotionally draining, but it’s so nice to finally be home as a family of three"

What advice Sherri do you have for any parents that might go through this? "Be patient, have a good support system, and take it one day at a time".  That's all you can really do. :)

What is your favorite moment with Danica?  "My favourite moment with her is when I see her smiling up at me when she is laying on my chest.  She just loves snuggling with mommy this way."

When Dad and Mom were in studio I noticed how gentle Dad was with her. She was so tiny in his big hands. 

How is it watching your husband with her?  "When I see my husband with her my eyes fill with tears because he’s such a good Father. He is kind and attentive and she’s got Daddy wrapped around her finger already."

Well, Danica you are so beautiful and I know that there are great things in store for you.  You have amazing parents and are so loved.

Welcome home and can't wait to see your grow over the years to come.