Meet The Eisho Family

Miss Leylah came into the world bright eyed and alert.  I have actually never seen such a little one follow you or light up for the camera at such a young age. 

These parents were not only blessed by this little ones arrival but they became engaged one day prior to our shoot.  

I think this ones arrival will be bringing memories over years to come.  What a special way to celebrate.

I cannot wait to see and develop a long standing relationship with this precious family.


The Sullivan Family

What a precious family! 

Proud Dad and Mom welcomed Baby Joshua home in the month of December.  It was definitely a Christmas to remember, especially for their little girl.

Georgia is a sweet, gentle and loving BIG sister, definitely loves her baby brother. A little mommy! so cute.

This families interaction was super sweet with one another.  They were so calm and soothing to be around.  A real pleasant atmosphere was left in the studio, except when Georgia had to leave.  She just did not want to go home.  I guess I like kids and it shows.  Especially when their are toys in the studio and colouring pages. lol

Mom and I had pretty deep conversations about her in-home birth experience.   We spoke about the plan and the importance of the atmosphere she wanted to have when Baby Joshua came into the world to meet the family.  This woman had a plan and did everything in her power to make sure Joshua was welcomed accordingly. An inspiration really!

Mom and I also spoke about her passion of being a Doula and the rights of women and what they should know and be informed of in giving birth.  If any, of you need someone to speak to with lots of advise, this is a woman to speak to.   

And let's not forget her husband, such an amazing example of love and support and strength.  He ADORES his wife and children and through the session this showed. So helpful and encouraging.

When I have the opportunity to work with my clients and get to know them it just allows me to embrace everything about them and work all the more for them.  It helps me to connect with them and embrace everything.

I love photography and working with clients like this makes me love it even more. 

Welcome Home Baby Danica!

Welcoming to the blog is Baby Danica!  

Proud parents, Glaister and Sherri are happy to finally have their precious & beautiful baby girl home after a long 9 day stay at McMaster Hospital.  

Danica was born 4 weeks early with "blood type incompatibility jaundice and breathing issues".  This made their visit with in NICU draining but when I asked mom how Danica was doing she said "She’s a little fighter and they were are gonna get through this"  Sherri noted that "having a baby in the NICU is emotionally draining, but it’s so nice to finally be home as a family of three"

What advice Sherri do you have for any parents that might go through this? "Be patient, have a good support system, and take it one day at a time".  That's all you can really do. :)

What is your favorite moment with Danica?  "My favourite moment with her is when I see her smiling up at me when she is laying on my chest.  She just loves snuggling with mommy this way."

When Dad and Mom were in studio I noticed how gentle Dad was with her. She was so tiny in his big hands. 

How is it watching your husband with her?  "When I see my husband with her my eyes fill with tears because he’s such a good Father. He is kind and attentive and she’s got Daddy wrapped around her finger already."

Well, Danica you are so beautiful and I know that there are great things in store for you.  You have amazing parents and are so loved.

Welcome home and can't wait to see your grow over the years to come.



Merry Christmas from the Beagley's

Oh how precious this Christmas will be with this Rainbow Baby!  This family is quite special and have been through quite alot over the last few years.  Dad arrived here from the US about 5 years ago and just recently they had Athrun. 

Athrun is known as a Rainbow baby which are babies that are born after any kind of infant or pregnancy loss.  Larissa and Zach lost two sadly before this precious one arrived.  So Athrun is extra special to these proud parents.  

Athrun is as cute as a button and Moms says " He is looking forward to receiving lots of bath toys for Christmas as he loves his baths alot"

Athrun I believe that you are going to receive those bath toys and Dad and Mom I believe you have received the best present ever!

Merry Christmas!


On the blog today is my cousin Sarah and her husband.

These two serve passionately in their home church Living Hope and have such huge hearts for the youth.   There are simply all around great people.  

Sarah is such a beauty along with her handsome husband.  I have seen Sarah grow from a very young age being her cousin after all.  She has just blossomed and blossomed.  She has always been genuine and know this of her husband as well.   They are truly gonna make amazing grace filled parents.  

Connor and Sarah,  thank you for allowing me to take your pictures.  I hope you cherish them forever and I cannot wait to meet and capture your little one.



Baby Ezra

Baby Ezra is on the blog!  This little one came in at 14 days old and gave smiles that made my heart leap.  

Adam and Monica are first time parents who simply have a heart for children.  They have been working in kids ministry at Living Hope Church located in Hamilton for as long as I have know them.

This little one has quite the future ahead of him and I can hard wait to see this little one over the years.  With many more smiles. 

Congratulation again Adam & Monica

Welcome Baby Otis

Baby Otis arrived safely!  yeah!! Little toes and all that little cuteness came in for snuggles today in the studio.  Big brother Caleb was such an amazing little boy and such a good big brother.  I love this family, cannot describe how amazing these parents are.  There are gentle and such encouragers!  I cannot wait to see this family blossom over the years to come.